Education officials locally should have say over decisions

To play or not to play.

To attend classes in person or study remotely from home.

These are serious decisions to be weighed by individual families and students as school bells ring this fall.

We believe it is important that opportunities be provided despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, just as we believe it is vital that people adhere to the strategy that we all should have learned in the past five months to reduce the spread.

That means masks, social distancing, sanitization and hand washing. It also means paying attention to the cases of the coronavirus in individual areas and adjusting based on what is happening at any given time.

It does not mean that we should stay strictly at home and just stop everything. That is a decision that, again, should be left to individual families.

Two bills have been introduced in Harrisburg that would ensure control over the provision of educational and sports opportunities is left to local school boards.

House Bill 2787 would ensure local school boards are the ones to make decisions for fall sports and other extracurricular activities in their districts.

House Bill 2788 provides the option to students and families to continue their education and activities an extra year to make up for the loss of instruction and competition during the 2019-20 and 2020-21 school years.

And that’s how it should be — local people should be the ones to make decisions about what’s best for their areas based on information relevant to their areas.


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