A real good reason to answer the door when firemen call

Don’t be surprised next month if you live in Williamsport and you get a knock on the door from a city firefighter.

Fire Chief Mark Killian recently told City Council’s public safety committee that his department is running a “Williamsport Safe Program,” in which they will go door-to-door and offer to check on residential smoke alarm capacity and effectiveness.

The worthy goal is to prevent house fires.

Typically, firefighters far and wide devote time during the week in which Oct. 9 appears observing national Fire Prevention Week, in its 95th year this year.

Normally, they visit schools, teach youngsters about fire hazards and conduct fire drills, but that’s not all they do.

Past observations have included the distribution of free smoke and fire detectors as well as open houses with special displays.

The Williamsport Safe Program is yet another way that our firefighters look out for the community and do their best to keep people safe.

This year’s Fire Prevention Week runs from Oct. 4 to 10.

If a firefighter knocks on your door, please ask to see their identification and then feel free to let him or her in. It just may make your life safer.


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