Prayer for peace and remembrance in troubled times

On this day, let’s pray for peace.

Yes, let’s pray for that which calms us.

Have we, as a nation, truly calmed down since the dreadful events that happened 19 years ago today?

Have we had any moments of true peace? Perhaps a few, but how quickly in those moments have we again had to put up our guard?

The world has changed greatly since Sept. 11, 2001.

As Americans, we have risen to the challenge. We have faced the enemy on the battlefield. We have rebuilt and erected memorials on sites of massive deaths. And we have remembered.

Every year since.

Locally, people in our communities and countrysides have stood by the road on Patriot Day to watch as a parade of motorcycles — as many as 4,000 — weaved its way through Lycoming County.

The state Department of Transportation put a halt to the ride using state roads tonight because of the pandemic.

While there may not be a formal ride, we agree with organizers that community members still should find ways to pay their respects on today’s Patriot Day.

Patriot Day is intended to commemorate the lives of those lost in the terror attacks on the two World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon as well as those who perished when another hijacked plane crashed in Shenksville and those who died while trying to rescue people trapped in the attacks.

Thousands of lives were lost that morning, 19 years ago today.

Our collective peace was shattered.

So today, let’s fly the American flag from front porches everywhere.

Let’s participate in a national moment of silence to honor the victims. The moment of silence begins at 8:46 a.m. to correspond with the time of the attacks.

Let’s remember what happened, as well, and vow to put our positive energies into the world.

And let’s pray for peace, everywhere.


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