Jersey Shore fun a good distraction from life’s stressors

Let’s all go roll a pumpkin.

That’s what the kids did over the weekend in Jersey Shore, where an inaugural pumpkin rolling contest was a highlight of Autumn at the Shore.

The fun fall festivity was hosted by Jersey Shore Town Meeting, which had to cancel its annual July celebration this year because of the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions on crowd sizes.

This has been a tough year, with many events to which we look forward each year missing from our lives. It’s been a silent summer, unlike any other. Now the days are getting shorter, which for some can trigger seasonal affective disorder (SAD.)

Most people with SAD have symptoms that start in the fall and continue through winter, sapping energy and increasing moodiness.

Add to that another factor — we have been socially distant to the degree that many of us would like to just scream.

Hey, it’s October and screams are in season. But let’s not do that — that might hurt one’s throat!

We’d like to suggest other creative outlets instead, much like Jersey Shore’s where they made a contest of rolling pumpkins down a hill.

Prizes were awarded, but more importantly, the kids had fun. And everyone forgot about life’s stressors, even if only for just a well-timed moment.

So look around to see what’s going on in the weeks ahead. October is a prime month for many local outside events and opportunities for escape.


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