We may not know results tonight but will we have peace?

We would like to think that, at the end of this day, a hush may settle over the land. That peace may prevail. That freedom-loving people will accept the outcome of the 2020 elections and move in whichever direction the results send us.

But we are not so sure that this will happen.

Apparently neither are people across America, where storefronts in major cities have been boarded up to brace not for hurricanes but for a rebellious, if not dangerous, response to the outcome of today’s balloting, no matter which way the political pendulum swings.

We truly hope that does not happen, but the signs are not reassuring: The FBI, for instance, is investigating an incident in Texas in which the Democratic campaign claims motorists supporting President Donald Trump surrounded and attempted to force a campaign bus off the road. And the FBI continues to investigate death threats mailed to every member of the Tennessee Republican Party’s executive committee. Republican campaign offices in Richmond, Virginia, and Lansing, Michigan, were vandalized in September. And one doesn’t have to look far to find stories from voters in our region on both sides finding their campaign signs vandalized or stolen from their front yards.

So today, we put on a brave face and prepare for tomorrow.

We do not let the anger or the fear stop us.

We head to the polls and vote our conscience.

Then what? Do we make sure we have enough milk and bread in our homes to wait out the results? Or do we head to our local houses of worship and pray?

Maybe a bit of both.

We have been challenged in many ways this year. Post-election mayhem is not something else we really need. Rather, we need a government that reaches across the aisle and takes pride in being skilled in the art of compromise.

Only then will we find the peace that the vast majority, we believe, truly desires.

But is that what we will get at the end of this day?


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