A shining moment for St. John’s School of the Arts

Something to which we can look forward — the May 2022 celebration performance in honor of this year’s 25th anniversary of the St. John’s School of the Arts in the Newberry neighborhood of Williamsport.

COVID-19 may be impacting operations at the school, but it has not stopped the lessons in music, dance and art offered to local children, teens and adults.

Instead of planning an event for Sept. 3, the school’s anniversary date, officials have opted to make plans for a May 2022 performance.

St. John’s is a unique school, combining not only elements of the arts but also of faith.

“We instill both elements … knowing that there is a higher being and doing that through the arts, the combination is a powerful thing,” said Rebecca Ciabattari, school director.

“It is my desire to bring glory to God through dance,” said dance teacher Theresa Kendall. “With His help, we will continue to do so for the next 25 years and beyond.”

Ciabattari believes the school provides hope — “we need that so badly right now” — and the evidence may be found in the fact that the school has continued to thrive for a quarter century, that the global pandemic has not stopped it.

We salute St. John’s for its silver-anniversary milestone and the hope it has provided its students, particularly during the past year.

The school is yet another resource for local youths who may benefit from a creative outlet a shining asset in the portfolio of Williamsport as an arts community.

Needless to say, we look forward to next year’s performance.


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