Delayed project predictable, given ongoing pandemic

Cracked pavements.

Bricks exposed beneath the street surface.

Deep ruts that are the result of buried trolley car ties from a century ago.

Some of that may be corrected, at least temporarily, when about a mile of Third Street between Mulberry Street and Seventh Avenue is resurfaced this year.

The real solution — reconstruction — is on the long-term list, but it could be seven to eight years away, Chris King of the state Department of Transportation told the Williamsport Area Transportation Study technical committee on Monday.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on state revenue is the culprit, we are told.

We suspect there will be many more public infrastructure projects that won’t happen quite as quickly as we would desire because of the pandemic. Officials will need to weigh everything and prioritize projects.

A period of rebuilding will be needed to get the economy moving and tax revenues flowing again.

Let’s remember, a delay is not the end. It simply means we will need to adjust and be patient.

Consider it just one more side effect of the coronavirus, one we can — and will — survive.


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