Most important positions to be settled this year

Anyone care to talk about elections?

No, we’re not talking about the national debate.

We’re talking about something far more local — opportunities for community service through public office at the local level.

These are among our most important elected positions.

Those elected this year will govern what goes on down the street and in neighborhood schools.

They will pass budgets and make decisions that affect your bottom line.

And when public situations arise, they are the ones you will call in your search for an amicable solution.

Your local elected officials are among the most accessible you will find.

They are important team members who toil to keep communities strong, from township supervisors and auditors to judges of elections to city and borough councils and county sheriff — the list of positions that will come up for election this year is long.

Lycoming is the largest county geographically in the state, with one city, nine boroughs, eight school districts and 42 townships, all with positions to fill.

Most of the local elected positions come without pay and may at times include long hours, but they are essential.

Thankless? It may seem that way at times. But it may also be extremely fulfilling to be able to offer service on behalf of the community and know that you have made a difference in service of your neighbors.

For that, we should all be appreciative of those who are willing to step up and carry out important local government functions, just as we should be excited when we find a wealth of candidates come May 18, the date of the Municipal Primary.

At least, that is our hope.

So, who will toss their hat in the ring in 2019?

Will it be you?


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