Remote learning melting snow days, at least for now

There will be no snow days this winter for students in the Williamsport Area School District, where remote learning has allowed them to continue their post-holiday education uninterrupted.

As we see it, that’s good news, particularly when you listen to the reasoning of district officials.

Officials recently spoke about this decision, made when a major storm hit the region into only 20 days of education after the holiday break.

Instead of more time off immediately, a break is planned in springtime.

“We think that break is going to be more important come spring,” Dr. Timothy S. Bowers, district superintendent, said. “We know that February and March historically have been difficult on faculty, staff and students. It’s a very long stretch.”

He said a spring break makes more sense educationally.

We like his thinking.

If one positive thing could be found in the lessons of the past year, it could be that schools have had to retool to be able to maintain education remotely.

While we would not recommend this as the way to provide public education on an ongoing basis, it could be a way to avoid the annual winter interruptions that some years threaten to extend the school year.

And let’s be honest. A focus on remote lessons is time better spent than on video games and parked in front of the television set.

Does anyone recall when the latter commonly was called the “idiot box?”


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