Opening Day of MLB season is worth celebrating

In a world starving for good news, we have some for you. Today is Opening Day in Major League Baseball, meaning the annual sign of spring has come when our favorite professional teams begin playing games that count.

Every year, the occasion is worth celebrating — but especially this year after the COVID-19 pandemic cost us this springtime tradition a year ago, delaying it until late July.

Whether you root for a team favored to win it all or support a team that is expected to struggle near the bottom of the standings, Opening Day is a time for renewal and to feel like winter is finally over — no matter what the thermometer or your favorite TV weather forecaster may say — and that things are going to get warmer and better.

Coupling the return of the national pastime at its highest level with the already-underway high school season — which was also taken away by the coronavirus last year — and the soon-to-start youth baseball season, it really does feel like spring has sprung.

So, if you’re a baseball fan, we congratulate you on making it to this always-anticipated day. If you’re not a baseball fan, we hope you can at least appreciate it as another mile marker on the road to better days ahead.

Play ball!


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