Taking aim at the stars, doing us proud

Today we offer a couple of Sun-Gazette shout outs to two fine young men from our region.

We are excited for an 18-year-old who is about to “aim high” — high enough to reach the stars.

Isaiah Firestine has become the first person signed by the local Air Force recruiter for the newly created U.S. Space Force.

Tech.Sgt. Leo Knight-Inglesby said Firestine’s job will involve detecting sea launch ballistic missiles, tracking satellites to assist in rocket launches and space flight operation, and other related duties.

Sounds like a serious mission.

It also may be the adventure of a lifetime for Firestine and provide a solid career path for a young man who said “college wasn’t the thing for me.”

That’s often true of young people who voluntarily enlist for military service, a noble and worthy calling.

Another young man who reached for the stars is a Loyalsock Township High School graduate who made his way to the American Idol stage.

Sadly, Brennan “Beane” Hepler’s run for the title may have come to an end Sunday night, but we believe he has a glorious career ahead nonetheless and will watch for his name in the future.

It takes not just talent but also confidence — a lot of it — to lay it on the line on a national stage. Our hats go off to Beane.

Both of these young men are showing us how to reach for the stars, in very different ways, both with style.


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