Commissioners position on Pride display misplaced

The James V. Brown Library is among the most beloved of our local community institutions, providing critical services to people of all ages.

As a public library, there is no charge for services, which go beyond the simple practice of lending a good book to read. There are programs for people of all ages and backgrounds. This is as it should be for a public institution. The library long has been able to keep its doors open through public support, including county funds that come from taxpayers.

So we are alarmed by statements of Lycoming County Commissioners Scott Metzger and Tony Mussare about their personal objection to a Pride display in the library with what many are interpreting as a veiled threat that such displays could affect funding.

We certainly hope that isn’t so. And we’re not alone. The Sun-Gazette has received a volume of letters on this issue, so many that we decided to dedicate the rest of today’s opinion page to publishing as many of these letters as possible. More will follow as there just isn’t enough space in one day.


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