Sky-high thinking across the river showing promise

Instead of sitting around and doing little about a shrinking tax base with little to no room to expand, officials in South Williamsport are looking up.

Guided by borough manager Steven W. Cappelli, the borough zoning ordinance was amended last year to allow for taller buildings.

Now, the seeds of change planted with that amendment are producing fruit as officials came together recently to break ground for a new community office for Muncy Bank & Trust Co.

The new building at the site of the former Williamsport Seventh Day Adventist Church property will be four stories tall when it is completed in fall 2022.

That will make it the tallest building in the borough, where zoning prior to the change limited structures to three stories in height. The new limit is 70 feet.

“We needed to change the zoning … to allow to grow vertically,” said Cory Lehman, borough councilman, who shared concern that the borough is limited for new development due to a lack of space.

“The community was pretty much land-locked,” he said.

Now, with the relaxed height limit, the new bank building will not only impact the skyline but also sit at the Market Street entrance to the borough. As such, it may generate business for the borough, according to borough Mayor Marlin R. Angelo.

We are excited to see what is happening in South Williamsport and suggest other communities take notice. The type of forward-thinking that is allowing this development to happen may produce positive results far beyond the borough limits.


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