Good news about Black Friday

We are glad to have local business owners and staff tell us that Black Friday went well, with “a lot of families” keeping our merchants “very busy,” in the words of two downtown business owners.

We hope it’s an early sign that the obstacles that have beset retailers — from pandemic lockdowns to supply-chain snafus and labor shortages — are starting to recede and that our economy is continuing in its recovery.

Our local businesses create jobs, pay taxes, fulfill the needs of local consumers and make donations to recreational and other activities. They are an integral part of our communities, and our communities cannot thrive unless they thrive as well.

Also, thriving retailers reassure and encourage other would-be entrepreneurs to pursue new business ventures — in turn, creating more jobs, paying more taxes and giving customers more options.

And of course, local business owners and their employees are our neighbors, our friends and family. Beyond the jobs created, taxes paid and contributions to school plays and youth sports teams, we are happy to see our family, friends and neighbors succeed.

The brisk business seen in local stores on Black Friday reported in the Sun-Gazette is good news indeed. We celebrate their achievements and we hope the coming year brings more successes and opportunities for our local businesses and their staffs.


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