What other newspapers are saying: America is not that divided

If social media, or Congress, was a truthful representation of Americans, we’d be in bad shape. But like most “reality” entertainment it’s just not representative of the truth.

The falsehood that there’s a widespread conflict that’s coming to a head between those with a “conservative” viewpoint and a “liberal” viewpoint is pervasive online and in political circles — but here in the real world, it’s just not true.

In real life — face to face — how often do you ask someone their politics or beliefs before deciding whether or not you’re going to speak with them? Not often we’d bet. Like so many internet and social media norms, they just don’t exist in the real world.

The foolish and ill informed cries that call for political polarization are nearly always from those who seek to benefit from that division. In the past several years we’ve seen people who have been longtime friends split apart because of the dogma spewed by others online.

We’d ask that as a New Year’s resolution that you step offline and look at that person you cared for prior an online argument. Reach out and tell them you value them as a person, and any argument you had exists in the false reality that is the internet…and the false realm of politics for that matter.

What makes America great? Our people, our heart and our courage.

Sometimes you have to tell a friend they’re acting badly, and often they just don’t want to hear that. Well, the falsified division has led us into some pretty dark places, and it’s time to stop.

It’s gone far enough that our Congressional representative continues her call for a “national divorce” a painted pig of an argument that stinks of secessionist nonsense.

We’d ask our representative to remember their job in Congress is to represent us. In Northwest Georgia, we’re a hard working people who care a lot about the area we live in. We also care about our history, but most of all we care about our people.

Who cares if you voted for Trump or Biden — or didn’t vote at all? We see people helping others and not caring one whit about who that person voted for — as it should be. We care if you need help and we consistently see the people of Floyd County and Northwest Georgia reaching out to help others in need.

Look at RomeGaCares. Look at Toys for Tots. Look at Christmas with a Cop. Look at the caring people who give their all at the Salvation Army, Davies Shelters and United Way. Look at our local churches and their outreach programs.

They don’t care what “side” you’re on. They care that you’re a person, and so should we all.

The parties, politicians — and yes — the media need to get the idea that a large amount of Americans are getting fed up with the bickering.

The Pew Research Center has reported that as Republicans and Democrats have become more partisan, the group in the middle who isn’t 100% with either party has continued to grow.

That group of people may have views on specific policies, but they don’t neatly fit into either side of the political divide. According to their data, it’s a pretty sizable portion of the country.

It’s even evident here in this largely conservative area of Georgia. Many, if not most, don’t have an allegiance to either political party and aren’t on board with either party’s constant bickering and ability to find offense in the littlest of things.

The parties are clearly very polarized, but the evidence shows that about 40% of the public is not polarized. Each of those parties need to wake up and realize that if they continue to press for constant division they’ll see those voters sway in a different direction.

Just because a post online gets likes, retweets or comments — or even boosts your fundraising numbers — doesn’t mean it translates to real support in the real world.

We urge you to bring real world values to the polls this year. The divisiveness in the falsified political realm has continued to bleed into the real world, and it’s time for it to end.

We are ALL Americans.

— Rome News Tribune of Georgia


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