A standing ovation for student theatre

The casts and crews of our region’s high school drama programs deserved the accolades they earned at the 2022 Ray of Light Awards.

“It really takes an entire community to put on a show,” Central Columbia’s Thomas Huckans said, according to Monday’s Sun-Gazette — and its that sense of community, of teamwork — that perhaps best demonstrates the value of drama and other arts programs in our region’s schools.

Teamwork is an important lesson for students to learn, and a lesson that the students will apply to their lives well beyond graduation, in their workplaces and their homes — but it isn’t the only lesson these programs teach.

Hard work and the importance of practicing. The importance of following directions and of listening to others. How to perform — literally — under pressure.The practical skills of reading and understanding text. The vocational skills involved in creating sets and costumes. All of these skills, like teamwork, can have applications for the students’ adult lives.

And, of course, fostering an appreciation of the arts, which cannot be understated.

So we congratulate the performers who competed for Ray of Light Awards this year, we hope their pursuit of the arts continue and we hope they can draw upon the important lessons theatre and the arts teach.


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