Vote if you can — and prepare

Republican voters and Democratic voters need to head to the polls, open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., today — independent voters and third-party voters can stay home — for now.

We hope Republicans and Democrats have been following the primary campaigns closely so they can make the most informed votes possible on their nominees. There are a number of key races today: Nominations for U.S. Senate and lieutenant governor in both parties, a competitive race for the Republican nomination for governor and a Republican nomination for a local state House seat.

While independent voters and third-party voters have a bit of a break today, all voters need to start following the races if they aren’t already. In November, important choices will have to be made. It’s not only our right to make them but our responsibility to make them and to be as informed about the candidates as we can be when we make them.

So vote — today, if you can, and in November. Vote knowing which candidate best suits your policy preferences. Vote as proud Americans and Pennsylvanians.


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