Hotel’s milestone a milestone for city and for idea of stewardship

How did the Genetti Hotel spend a 100 years both thriving in Williamsport’s most halcyon days and surviving its downturns?

The values of its leaders.

“I don’t think of myself as the owner but the steward,” Gus Genetti said at the Thursday anniversary celebration. “We are just stewards of this place … some of you here, your parents bought stock in the hotel. Your families made memories here. All of this belongs to you.”

We believe it’s these principles — the sense of service, the recognition of the vitality of the community in the hotel’s successes, that have allowed the hotel to survive the Great Depression, the recessions of the late 20th Century and to be a vital part of the community as well.

The Genetti has spent a century providing a valuable service to its customers and providing jobs to our hard-working neighbors and family. We would do well to learn from its example and to appreciate what allowed it to contribute so much to Williamsport over 10 decades.

With a sense of stewardship — a sense of responsibility for the care and success of the Genetti Hotel — comes an opportunity to persevere and to look ahead, to acknowledge the impact the hotel had on its guests’ experiences, to understand that the business or institution or enterprise is bigger and more important than oneself.

It’s about humility. It’s about service. And it’s about the values that allowed business leaders to overcome obstacles and challenges.

And with such values, it can also be about optimism.

“We’ve weathered many storms and we’ll be here for another hundred years,” Genetti said.

We hope the Genetti Hotel is here for another hundred years, contributing to Williamsport’s downtown and demonstrating the values of humility and stewardship to all in our community.


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