Lots of jobs here and coming; let’s solve our other problems

West Pharmaceutical Services’ expansion is great news for Lycoming County.

And we are happy that it isn’t isolated news: The construction of Digger Industries, plans to build an Amazon distribution hub, the resurrections of Shop-Vac and what is now Chance Aluminum — the residents of Lycoming County have a lot of opportunities from which they can choose for jobs and careers.

Our hope is that our region can address obstacles to filling these jobs — a lack of child care and affordable housing, crime that, while comparable to other counties our size remains a persistent aggravation to residents’ sense of safety and the efforts to market and promote the region for workers looking for jobs that can support their families and communities in which their families can thrive.

In addition to our increasing job opportunities, the region has much to appeal to new families: Ample wilderness and parks and the recreation opportunities they present, eight public school districts and several private schools that offer choice to families with school-age children, churches and community organizations that richly contribute to the sense of community and the communities themselves, which offer a variety from which families considering locating here can find the best fit.

So let’s solve our problems so that these blessings can truly shine.


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