Lessons of history important, appreciated

The work of the Lycoming County Historical Society and Thomas T. Taber Museum should not go unheralded.

Recently, as the Williamsport Sun-Gazette reported in Tuesday’s edition, that work included hosting day camps for youngsters to learn about the region’s history.

Students learned about soldiers fighting for the Union Army in the Civil War. The learned about our region’s roles in the first and second World Wars. They learned about childhood in the Victorian era.

“It brings history alive,” museum director Gary Parks told the Sun-Gazette. “You can buy any number of textbooks, but nothing can compare to seeing the clothes, watching the historian reenact.”

It is important that our children learn about history, and learn from history’s valuable lessons. It provides an appreciation for the luxuries and conveniences we enjoy today and for the sacrifices past generations endured to give us and them better opportunities. It teaches context for the challenges we face today and their generation will face in the future. And it gives children and teenagers a sense of how our region, our communities, fit in to the crucial moments that have made our country and our society what they are.

The society, museum and the programs they host — including the recent day camps — are a successful and integral part of the efforts to instill these lessons for our youth. And for that, their efforts should be recognized.


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