First I would like to point out that Mr. Underwood usually writes very competent letters on a variety topics , many which I do not agree with. But his latest letter falls in the absurd category. “The politically correct elite” jumps out from his letter, I wonder what that makes him. It sure wasn’t “tell it like it is Phil” judging from the contents of the hollow letter he submitted. All he did was take a limp swipe at political correctness which will now be, thanks to the election of Donald Trump, a thing of the past. But Mr. Underwood and people like him have to have one more lame harp about political correctness so they can be their ‘white’ selves again. President-elect Donald Trump along with the re-elected GOP elite will make sure that any achievements of President Obama will be wiped away from the history books. Just like how Mr. Underwood wants past transgressions expunged from his ancestors. As far as Mr. Underwood is concern there is no price for the generations of misery that past minorities endure and continue to endure today. The burden doesn’t belong to all Americans it only belongs to those it happened to. People like President-elect Trump and Mr. Underwood don’t want to be sensitive to other people, they only want to be sensitive to themselves.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom