Good for our future

The letter by Gretchen Kennedy told us what is really good for the future of our country. She said that people who don’t salute our flag should be either kicked out of the country or forced to join the military. Donald Trump has been talking about locking up Hillary Clinton for her illegal activities but maybe a better idea would be to kick her out of the country. She could go live in some other country that hates America just like she does like Iran. If we are to survive as a country we should look back to when America was at her greatest. That was the 1950s when we locked up communists. Even in the 1960s, we locked up dangerous hippies. Then political correctness came along and now you aren’t even allowed to offend anyone let alone kick them out of the country or lock them up for hating our values. I was talking to someone about politics and he said that reading extreme political views makes people more moderate in their views. I don’t know what he is talking about, but I do know our country needs to change or it will be destroyed.

Carl Unger


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom


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