I would like to thank the administration and City Council for allowing destruction of our streets. Boy! What a contractor UGI hired. I hope their new gas lines are placed correctly, with no leaks. Is this their first contracting job. Maybe it’s an experiment; it’s a bad dream for all taxpayers! But the big kick, you want to raise our taxes? You don’t deserve a raise! How about living like the rest of your constituents with a budget! The facts are our  streets, allyways throughout the rest of the city are in need of repairs. What are  you doing with the tax money you are receiving?

Police, fire, city workers contracts, I  know they are not interested in a wage freeze, cutbacks, layoffs, 401k plan, retirement plans, living in the great city of Williamsport. They just want the money! Just like the contractor, no matter what the final product.

Francis Kelley Jr.


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom