On the right track

This concerns the city administration and City Council of Williamsport, when it comes to revising the disputed rental ordinance, which regulates rental property owners, landlords and their tenants.

This rental ordinance was written to protect the county seat of our county as well as rural areas of our county, and it does not deserve to be altered against we tax payers of this county.

It is simply a ploy that would favor a New York- based landlord with property in Williamsport to operate as he well pleases, regardless of how it effects we who are living our lives and raising children here in Lycoming County.

Township government doesn’t dictate or run county government in our state, so why should some individual or entity from New York state be given the power or the right to force a city ordinance to comply with their demands?

The root of all evil in today’s world is money, and this is what this rental ordinance revision is all about.

We residents of Lycoming County have due-process rights also, and they should not be altered in favor of any individual from New York or any other state of the union.

On the topic of flood insurance could drop or end for some in our county, why don’t other counties and states take the initiative of doing what is right for the people, like our three county commissioners are doing for Lycoming County residents, who are required to purchase flood insurance but own homes that cannot be flooded?

We need more elected officials like our present county commissioners who put forth the effort to correct problems instead of creating more new ones, which has become the American way throughout the past two decades.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.



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