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Of course contacts between Russian officials attempting to influence last year’s presidential election and those around President Donald Trump need to be investigated.

That would be a perfect opportunity to explore other aspects of Moscow’s meddling in our affairs.

So many liberal politicians and media figures eager to attack Trump seem to have forgotten about other issues involving Russia. There were hints this week that the Attorney General’s office is going to remind everyone of those issues.

Take the big uranium deal a few years ago. It allowed Russia to gain control of about one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States. The State Department — with Hillary Clinton at its head — cleared the takeover.

Then the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars in donations from people who benefited from the transaction. Or, consider funding Moscow has poured into efforts to outlaw hydraulic fracturing used to produce natural gas. That, too, is meddling in U.S. affairs.

So yes, let us conduct an investigation of Russian influence in our country — thoroughly.

Unfortunately, those who wake up each day concerned only with muddling every attempt at proceeding with the agenda the American people voted for a year ago are much more interested in e-mail exchanges by Donald Trump Jr., which he freely disclosed, and a meeting between Jared Kushner and a Russian contact, which he attempted to get out of once he understood the contents. And they are really interested in a “secret” meeting between President Trump and Vladimir Putin which actually was a brief conversation during dessert at the recent G-20 Summit – with about 200 other dignitaries present.

The same mainstream media so persistent about Trump relationships – however loose they are – with Russia pays no mind to clear evidence of the cause-and-effect relationships of the Clintons with Russia.

Regular Americans understand what the priorities should be and see through the politicized Washington hijinks and media coverage. Most surveys put Russiagate at about sixth on their priority list, well behind improved health care, tax reform, national security and immigration law.

The Russia questions are warranted, but they have been so politically sequestered to just one side of the issue – and covered that way – that the credibility of the probe is questionable.