Don’t put this on Trump

Responding to the letter from Mr. Beach concerning the Monarch Butterfly, the writer starts with a concern for the butterfly and builds to slamming President Trump. If the butterflies have been in decline over the past several years and dropped 30 percent last year, to what administration do we contribute this? Accusing President Trump and Scott Pruitt, head of the EPA, of reducing restrictions on the use of herbicides and allowing the use of Enlist Duo which is NOW approved for agricultural use is incorrect and a twist of facts.

As per the EPA website, Enlist Duo was registered for use and usage granted in 2014 in 15 states. Also, in a news release dated November 1, 2016, the EPA proposed to amend the registration to include 19 additional states described in the “Proposed Registration Decision of Enlist Duo Herbicide.” Public comment was to be submitted by December 1, 2016 and a final decision was to be issued in early 2017. All of this transpired pre-Trump and Pruitt. If the intent of Mr. Beach’s letter was to draw fact to the plight of the Monarchs, I am in complete agreement. To turn to a bashing of the president and accusations made is completely wrong and unacceptable. Don’t use the poor Monarch Butterfly as a stepping stone to get at the president.

Greg Banzhaf


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom