Handling the truth

In response to Mr Reeder’s recent comments on fellow patriots posts, I will spell it out for him and his party: “You Can’t Handle The Truth”:

We are not the flag burners. We are the flag wavers. We have respect for our president (and the office he represents) and who we proudly elected. In my opinion, he is the best president we have ever elected and he loves America as it once was with American made products, a mighty military, and a safe environment to enjoy life.

In Mr Reeder’s camp, they obstruct, hinder and sponsor “fake news” because they cannot accept that their dear Hillary lost the election and our guy won.

The new “Cry-Baby” symbol that the Democrats now own surely will represent them correctly for the next 7 1/2 years. In the meantime, my compatriots and I will be praying for our space program to find another planet for these folks to move to and live happily ever after in their progressive bliss.

Until then my folks will be waving our flags, respecting our president, thanking our veterans and respecting our police officers and helping Make America Great Again.

Jack A. Craft


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom


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