So what?

I can’t see beyond the stop sign on the corner let alone down the street at the rest of my life. I talk a very good story; it’s only a story but people believe me; it’s their problem with reality. But wait, I’m going to college or technical school; a great start; it’s only a start. Do you want to finish your thoughts of college or technical school?

Here are suggestions, but what do I know; I’ve been there and it took me a while to find my way. First, learning now is a 40 hour-plus-a-week task; you will need to develop a serious plan of attack at academic success; you cannot start thinking academic success in your junior year – it’s too late. Block out your day; if the block is filled with sleep, watching soaps, or pleasure, penalize yourself by taking away evening free time. Take 8 o’clock classes; as a teacher at a university, I always scheduled require courses at this time. Eight o’clock gets you out of bed; down the road it will give you an edge up in an interview.

Study, study, study, the key to you academic success; find a place you design only for study. Network with someone who has your values; you are both on your way to academic success. Study daily; it works. ?

Don’t blend into the woodwork on campus unless you want to be one of the hundreds of majors looking for your position. For years on the first day of classes I’ve offered an A to anyone who could name everyone in class; guess how many A’s I gave out over 25 years of teaching?

If you don’t like your major, don’t wait, look for something you like. Will this new major provide you with a living wage? This is the key question; look around you, how many majors are there? Remember, you may be racking up debt that you may be responsible for paying.

John Kovich


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