We shake our heads and ask our reps Yaw, Wheeland and Everett why they voted yes for a referendum that is actually a worthless distraction that accomplishes nothing and only delays true school property tax elimination. How can anyone believe that this will solve our property tax problem. Virtually none of the taxing bodies used the 50 percent reduction in Act 50, so why should we expect any of them to use the 100 percent reduction?

HB/ SB 76 opponents claim very few people actually lose their homes because of not being able to pay property taxes. Yet, I often see newspaper legal notices about sheriff’s sales of properties. If just one person’s home is lost due to property taxes, it’s one too many.

As I look at the amount of work that has gone into SB 76, and just like medical cannabis and those who said it was a “lost cause,” naysayers claim loudly SB 76 also is a lost cause. Did you believe medical cannabis was a lost cause? Sen Folmar agrees and says ” We must fight harder for lost causes.”

Yaw/Wheeland /Everett are telling their constituents when they call about this issue that Walmart and corporations will not have to pay property taxes. Hmmmmm? Trying to create an “us against them mentality. Really? When hardworking small business owners are 92 percent of businesss in Pennsylvania and they really need the help? Thousands of businesses and homeowners are getting relief and creating a positive business climate and you are gonna hit us with this Walmart stuff? His so-called experts are working us with these fake facts and misleading details!

Unfair assessments, non-paying billion dollar non-profits, free taxes to some, while longtime payers pay more. Many veterans have lost and are losing their homes because of this unfair, crazy system. I can go on and on. These are the problems of the current unfair Pennsylvania property tax system.

Property and business owners and tenants all need true relief, 100 percent property tax elimination. HB/SB 76 is on Senator Yaw and State Reps. Jeff C. Wheeland and Garth Everett’s desk right now! They need to support true relief and a more reliable (according to the unbiased Pennsylvania fiscal office) fair property tax(.

No tax should have the power to leave you homeless.

Mim Logue


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom