Dueling narratives

A recent letter mused what a Senate run by media celebrity Caitlyn Jenner in California would mean to the narrative of the Left. Let’s clear up one fact first. The writer states that Ms. Jenner came out as Republican as she revealed she was transitioning from Bruce to Caitlyn. Ms. Jenner also stated she is Christian and conservative in that coming out statement. That is very telling that the writer would delete that part of her statement. What the writer fails to understand is that Bruce was Republican, conservative and Christian before becoming Caitlyn.

People, not just the Left and the LGBTQ community, assumed that in becoming Caitlyn she would change her political identity as well. Parties do not own groups, they court them. Groups identify with both parties. Another failure of understanding by the right in our community as they continue to identify and divide American citizens. The writer assumes incorrectly that only the Democratic Party plays “identity politics”, so do the Republicans.

Will Republicans in California embrace Ms. Jenner as their candidate for the Senate? They would have to embrace her first in the primary before she could even be seen as being embrace by Californian voters or questioned whether they would. Would the Republicans in the Senate even embrace her being there if she won?

I hope Caitlyn Jenner does run and wins her bid if only to prove the writer’s last sentence to be to the only factual statement: “If Republicans embrace Jenner’s candidacy, and she gets elected, it puts a real damper on their narrative.” I know the writer intended that the ‘their’ in his statement references the Democratic Party but the way the sentence is constructed it is the Republican Party. Caitlyn Jenner is not afraid to go for the gold. Run Caitlyn, Run!

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom