Not what we’re about

Let’s not dignify them by calling them “white nationalists.”

They flaunt the Nazi flag, give the Nazi salute, and they shout hate slogans against Jews, African-Americans and Muslims. They are Neo-Nazis, plain and simple.

Our fathers and grandfathers, including the fathers and grandfathers of those “white nationalists,” fought and gave their lives in World War II to defeat the Nazi regime, one of the most evil the world has ever known.

Claiming to be the master race, the Nazis slaughtered millions of innocent people.

Not just Jews, but other minorities, including Catholics, and thousands of mentally ill and mentally retarded children and adults they considered unfit to live.

This is to say nothing of the millions of ordinary people, non-combatants, they killed in the nations they invaded.

The Nazis worshiped their “Aryan nation” and believed that they had the right to take anything belonging to those they considered lesser beings, “sub-humans,” as they called them. It did not ever occur to the Nazis that they themselves were acting in a way that was less than human.

Those who live in America and march behind the swastika today, as well as those who march with them and seek to justify them, shame themselves and our nation.

Sadly, we have a president who courted those people during his campaign, who believes their support was important to his election, and who still fears to antagonize them by calling them what they are.

Free speech is the right of all Americans, and there is nothing wrong with peaceful dialog and debate concerning issues of race, religion or politics. But hate, bigotry, senseless violence and the glorification of outright evil is not what our nation is about. America is better than that.

Arno Vosk M.D.


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom