Today I went to Wegman’s to get a few things. I went down on the bus and rode home on my scooter. Again, I had to ride in the street because the sidewalks are so bumpy! I will keep complaining about our streets and mostly the sidewalks until something is done about them! I’m even considering taking pictures of what I find!

I’ve seen people tripping on the walks, cars going into potholes and so on, corners need to be fixed as well with cleaning out of the storm drains too.

The sidewalks are atrocious and people just don’t seem to care about anything that happens out on the sidewalk and luckily, some people are not sue happy! The liability could be horrendous! But, honey, it’s coming.

To the city fathers, please do something about the sidewalks in the city and the streets. I have noticed that some work is being done on the streets, which should include cleaning loaded storm drains.)

Gretchen H. Kennedy