District is fair

I am writing in response to the article “Outraged” published on February 10th, regarding redistricting and Congressman Tom Marino.

First, although it is true that District 10 is large and encompasses many counties, districts are not based on size, but on population.

For example, if you look at a district map, you will see how small congressional districts 1, 2, and 13 are because they encompass parts of the city of Philadelphia, a highly populated area. As you move towards the middle of rural Pennsylvania, the population decreases and the districts get larger. District 14 is also small, because it encompasses the city of Pittsburgh, the second largest city in Pennsylvania.

Second, Marino’s “large win” over Democratic challenger Michael Molesevich, winning 70.2 percent to 29.8 percent, was because Democrats supported him.

With Lackawanna and Monroe counties being heavily Democratic, District 10 has a significant amount of democrats making this margin impossible unless many people crossed over and voted for Congressman Marino.

Although District 10 is large, Congressman Marino is constantly traveling through the 15 counties so that constituents have a chance to voice their concerns.

He understands our values and has represented our district well in Washington and I expect him to continue to be our voice for Congressional District 10.

Edward Snyder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom