One more time

It has been suggested that to believe that the rich should not be taxed at higher rates so others can enjoy a better standing of living means that you think wealth should be concentrated to a very few people.

Nowhere did that thought or comment appear in anything that has been written.

What has been said is that what is mine is mine, and what is theirs is theirs. Taking from one person and giving it to others to improve their socioeconomic standing is socialism. It’s a really simple concept.

Not one person who advocates taxing the rich at higher rates would think it OK that the government showed up at their door and took half of their stuff to give to someone else.

But they think it’s ok that it happens to someone else. There is something telling about that mindset.

That mindset proves what I have said previously, that liberals are a very generous people, as long as it’s with someone else’s money.

And let me explain it one more time; water, food, shelter, and clothing are all that one needs to survive. Anything else is a luxury.

If all of the other modern conveniences (utilities, healthcare, education, transportation, etc.) went away, you could still ‘live’ as long as you had those 4 basics.

Again, it’s a really simple concept.

Yet there are some who say they are confused about it. Are they so dense that they are really confused? Or is it that they fully understand the concept and want us to believe they are confused?

Mike Kerstetter


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom