Politicians and war

Into the crucible of wars we thrust our young. When they emerge with the temperament of a warrior’s soul, we wonder in awe at the cold and distant look in their eyes.

A look that can only be honed by sighting another human being in a rifle’s sights — knowing that the other human being is also aiming his rifle at you and the outcome will be forever decided by which one is quickest in perfecting the ritual of all that entails marksmanship. Experiences thus learned are never forgotten.

They remain etched into ones psyche till the grim reaper makes the final roll call.

And yet, we continue to elect political leaders who have not tasted the absolute desperation of mortal conflict. Politicians so far removed from the naked violence of armed conflict that they appear to be “playing” a chess game.

Politicians, while apparently unwilling to recognize the various “evils” in this world, are, again and again elected into offices of national power on the premise that they will provide many benefits to those of the electorate.

Our nation is at risk. We are overtly being threatened by an organization of radical Islamists.

As a religion, radical Islam requires that all persons of other beliefs submit by paying and converting or die. Such are the commands of the Koran.

When the followers of Islam become the majority, they invoke their own law and Islam morphs into a system of government in absolute variance with our system of government. Christians and Jews become useless beings.

As I approach the age of 82, I ask that my rightly earned cold and distant look never falls upon a nation so easily duped.

John E. Backman


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