Powerful trends

Since the first European colonies were established in North America, the following trends have had a more significant influence on how our country functions today than any core principles espoused by political parties over the years. First, the risk taking explorers, scouts, and pioneers who made up the majority of the early colonists are long gone.

Now our population is made up of people who expect more consistency, certainty, and security in life than the colonists. This is the inevitable consequence of a successful society.

Second, the percentage of the population in the U.S. that has a say in how our culture is defined has expanded since the founding of our country. No longer does the male dominated White Anglo Saxon Protestant point of view guide our society. Women, and minorities of all stripes, now have more say in how our culture is defined.

So, no matter how attractive the idea of returning to “better, simpler times” is to some, I believe the trends mentioned above make such a return as likely as water running uphill.

David Bross


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