The only path

Hard cases” on abortion focused on game changing historical figures. I must assume that it is an easy case for the likes of Hitler, Stalin, or someone just as cruel. However, the real point in the argument is that women should not have the right to choose their own path in life; they only have one path, motherhood.

The increase in funding for the military is so President ‘Bone Spurs” Trump can have a really big military parade in DC in his honor. Is a coup to follow?

House Republicans meet in secret to discuss the ‘secret society’ within the FBI and Justice Department of the federal government. Memos to follow. Partisanship in partisanship gone awry?

Not applauding during the State of the Union speech given by President Trump is tantamount to treason. You can shout out “You lie!” But not applauding is a big “NO!” Are firing squads to follow the next one?

If the Supreme Court backs the State Supreme Court’s ruling on unfair mapping of voting districts, call for a purge of the State Supreme Court.

President Trump’s lawyers afraid to let him speak to Mueller. They should be!

You do not need facts discussing and dismissing poll findings.

Stock markets up, heap praise on President Trump; stock markets down, blame former President Obaza.

Russians are still interfering and hacking. Too many in DC are finding cover and pointing fingers.

President Trump took credit for no airplane crashes, does he get the blame for the recent number of train crashes?

That is one sturdy can in D.C. that Congress kicks around. The games they play!

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom


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