Trump glow undeserved

There was a glowing letter of how President Trump is saving the taxpayers money. He cut staff and salary in the White House as well as staff for the First Lady. A savings of $5.1 million the first year in comparison to former President Obama.

Some savings there. Now let’s take a look elsewhere. When his wife and son stayed in New York City until school was out it cost the taxpayers a cool million dollars a day. Don’t forget the extra costs to New York City. Every time his grown children take a trip it costs the taxpayers money. His sons are still(supposedly) running Papa Trump’s businesses.

If you factor in the huge tax cut Republicans gave the wealthy and corporations, President Trump is making out like a bandit at the taxpayer’s expense. He is robbing the America people blind and by the reaction from his supporters they were already blind. So let’s applaud those big savings in staff cuts at the White House.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom


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