Where credit is due

This letter pertains to the speech given by Oprah Winfrey at the Golden Globes Award Ceremony. Her speech has Democrats buzzing and crying out Oprah for President.

What a laugh. This is to cast a slick talking woman into the limelight of American Politics, which is nothing short of a strong light being thrown upon the stage in a theater or any other public speaking accommodation.

She and thousands of other women in this country are so busy waving ostentatiously and displaying defiance against the man in this country who are and will always carry the heavy burden of keeping this country of ours safe and envied by every other country on this planet.

What woman in this country whose modern garments have a plunging neckline down nearly to their waist could even think of replacing a man as President of the United States?

False accusations and intimations are rampant now-a-days in this country against members of the opposite sex.

It is ridiculous for the women in this country to accuse the men of being disrespectful to the women of this country. They have gone as far as to divide the men and women of this country in two categories. Men are the villains, the women are the angels in disguise.

Why are the individuals of fire halls across our nation called foremen instead of firewomen? Who builds our sky scrapers and all the roads in our country? Who plows them and maintains them?

Who fights and gives their lives for their country, who protects their family and brings home most of the money?

Many women help with some of the above, but let’s give credit where credit is due.

How must any father or grandfather in this country feel worthy of their efforts in life while they are being victims of mockery and being ridiculed by many of the female citizens of this country?

I am sure we are the laughing stock of the world at the present time.

I suggest that about 50 percent of the citizens of the United States should stop and smell the roses and start thinking for themselves instead of being impressed with the few females who think they know more than any man ever did in this country.

This act is called flaunting which is to wave ostentatiously and to display defiantly without a true purpose.

During the Korean War, I stood at the parade rest in Flight 441 and listened to Eleanor Roosevelt give a 2 hour speech at Sampson Air Force Base in New York State.

She was truly in agreement with truth, facts and honesty.

She was as genuine as President Franklin Roosevelt, who had passed away just before World War IIWI ended in 1945. Women of today could be in the same category as Mrs. Roosevelt was.

I might add that my two grandmothers, my aunts, mother and all three of my sisters were.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.