False security

For the three years that I was employed at the Jersey Shore Elementary School, there was no consideration given by those responsible to repair and replace an exterior broken, unlocked door on the ground floor in back of the school that lead into classrooms from the hallway.

A broken, unlocked window that was uncloseable, left open very wide, enough room and space for someone to enter. Two feet from the ground next to the Principal’s office in the lounge. False security drill reports. No one could enter the school from the outside.

The hypocrisy told to parents was that all was safe and secure for their children. The reality is tragedy has to become a reality for officials who are responsible for childrens’ environment and safety respond and act and move it only when something harmful happens.

When school classes were over at the end of the day, I would lower the flag. In place of the stars and stripes, I would think of raising a red flag. A danger signal warning. I knew it would not be allowed or tolerated. After folding and placing the flag inside the school. I thought that the red stripes on the flag would have to suffice in place of a danger signal warning.

While I was employed at the Jersey Shore Elementary School, I spoke to people inside and outside of the school about the neglected, unsafe conditions and those who were responsible for their repair and replacement. I gave verbal danger signals, red flag warnings.

Michael A. Wincek

Jersey Shore


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