Geographic balance

Prior to 1964, state legislators attempted to redistrict based on the model of the U.S. Senate – geographical balance – so that those of us living in rural areas had as much representation as urban dwellers – at both the state and Federal levels of government. This model ensured that urban areas could not adopt policies of confiscatory wealth redistribution where those living in rural areas would be taxed to support those living in urban areas.

This “one man-one vote”, population model, forced on the states in 1964 has, in effect , resulted in rural populations becoming economic slaves for urban populations. Examples like upstate New York vs. New York City, Chicago v the rest of Illinois, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh vs. the rest of Pennsylvania abound.

The Constitution recognizes districting based on geography – the US Senate does it. And, knowing that the Supreme Court has erred in other rulings, (Dred Scott being a prime example), I suggest it is time for our leaders to challenge the 1964 Reynolds vs. Sims ruling.

Bill Hall


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