Missing Easter’s meaning

Looking through the selection of Easter cards at a few local stores, I was disappointed by how little the most important message of Easter is part of the celebration. One card summed up the total loss of meaning of the celebration with the statement on the front of the card, “Happy Shove Chocolate In Your Mouth Day.”

Easter and Holy Week are the most important days on the Christian calendar. While 70 to 80 percent of Americans still claim some type of Christian religion, the Easter celebration seems to be covered up by all of the secular symbolism.

Not just the beginning of new life at Springtime, the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead offers a new spiritual birth to abundant life here and eternal life in Heaven. How many young people will be deprived of the consideration of Jesus’ offer of abundant and eternal life as their families and even some churches focus on egg hunts and the joy of springtime? Even in the religious section of cards, pictures of the empty tomb are rarely depicted, yet it is the empty tomb of Jesus that makes Him the most outstanding person of history and the authority on life after death.

We are unworthy. Scripture states, “God demonstrates His own love for us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died from us.” (Romans 5:8.) Unlike any other religious leader, Jesus lived a sinless life and rose from the dead on the third day after His crucifixion, proving His victory over sin, death and the grave. If we had the ability to make ourselves worthy, He would not have needed to come to earth and die for us.

Rev. Glen Bayly



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