Natural gas is the sound choice

Expanding natural gas infrastructure and using it in Pennsylvania is a step in the right direction for our economy and environment. With so much natural gas beneath our feet it makes sense to use it here locally. I’m proud to see the city of Williamsport and River valley Transit leading the charge here by transitioning to natural gas powered buses.

The shift away from traditional fuels to natural gas means less emissions and a stronger reliance on locally produced fuel. In fact, River Valley Transit officials stated that for every minute these buses are running, 8 pounds of carbon dioxide is removed from the environment. Besides carbon dioxide, the DEP air quality program stated that these buses would help reduce other harmful emissions including, two pounds per day of sulphur oxides, four pounds per day of particulate matter, five pounds per hour of nitrogen oxides and eight pounds per minute of carbon monoxide.

Natural gas is a realistic option for helping our environment and keeping the local economy booming. This energy source will allow people to keep the lifestyle habits they are inevitably going to use anyway, and they can do so with the environment’s best interest in mind.

Mary Jacobs


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