Unfair criticism

This is a reply to Anne Stopper of Clarks Summit:

If you are going to criticize the proceedings of a meeting, you probably should actually attend the meeting. Did you attend the Susquehanna Valley Conservatives question-and-answer session with Rep. Marino? Full disclosure: I did not attend the meeting either, my issue is with the false claims and attacks made on our stellar representative in Congress. Perhaps Ms. Stopper fell for the Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill’s false claim she missed votes to receive treatment for breast cancer, a lie exposed by The Washington Post in October 2017. The left hates it when they get caught. Tom was merely pointing that out.

Has Tom missed votes since joining Congress in 2011, yes. Did Ms. Stopper bother to tell you why, no. Kidney treatment, shoulder surgery, a child in the hospital, and time spent in the district to assess flood damage, all of which are legitimate and documented with the dates/votes missed.

If Ms. Stopper wants to complain about elected officials MIA, how about Sen. Casey or Gov. Wolf? What meaningful legislation has Sen. Casey passed during his 12 years as our Senator? Has Gov. Wolf brought any economic prosperity to our state? Congressman Marino has authored and sponsored legislation that protects Pennsylvania industry and workers, safeguards our schools, and despite a fake news 60 Minutes hit job, tackles the opioid epidemic. He voted to repeal Obamacare and helped pass the Tax Cut/Jobs Act.

Congressman Marino’s office will not host a town hall meeting for organizations to make a mockery of civil discourse. If Ms. Stopper wants to speak to her Congressman, his office will schedule a one-on-one meeting. I for one could care less about politicians’ “statements.” Actions speak louder than words.

Tom Marino as a prosecutor, District Attorney, U.S. Attorney and now congressman have shown he is tough on crime, particularly drug traffickers.

Why are some unhappy with Tom? He’s effective?

Ryan Workman



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