Righting a wrong

When my wife and myself approached Resurrection Cemetery outside of Montoursville we noticed that the main entrance had grass about 16″ high. We thought how tranquil with the grass waving in the breeze. When we got inside of the main cemetery the grass was so high you could not even see the grave markers. As our eyes started to fill with tears we asked ourselves this question.

How can the Catholic Church let this happen to such a sacred ground? This is where are Mom and Dads and Brothers and Sisters are. This is where Men and Women gave their lives to protect our country. How can the Diocese of Scranton just turn their heads to a place that’s suppose to have eternal care?

My wife and I went straight home loaded the tractor on the trailer and came back and started to cut the grass, she moving the flowers and the flags and I doing the cutting. We did the best we could being that the grass was so high and weaving about so not to damage any of the symbols of love, sorrow and tears place there by the grieving.

Also I’m so sorry for all the folks who put flowers on their loved ones resting place and had grass blown onto there markers.

No, I did not get to finish the whole area but we did the best we could for the amount of time we had.” Shame on you, Catholic Diocese Of Scranton.”

Gary E. Rosato

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom


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