Who’s responsible?

I have written letters for several years concerning how our Federal Government, State Government and County Governments are operating. It is evident that things will continue to remain as they are, because of the lack of interest or concern that the average citizen has in this day and age.

I will state some of the wrongs that don’t exist at the townships level, namely Piatt, Mifflin, Porter and other townships in Lycoming County. First of all along our four-lane highway which is Route 220 between Pine Run Road and Spook Hollow, there is a large maple tree that has grown out over the right lane completely going west. Places such as these could become a death trap to anyone during a severe storm.

Continuing west, across the four-lane highway from the Old Mt. Zion Church, there is a large tree being supported as it lays on some utility lines. This has been there for at least two years. Traveling further on Route 220, as one approaches the old New York Central Railroad Bridge over the 4 lane highway which is now the Pine Creek Rail to Trails, there is a large tree that keeps getting larger and larger. This live tree is actually hanging down below the tip of the concrete bridge over route 220. This is neglect by the state. They should all be corrected.

Some neglect also is happening in the townships which we live in, namely Piatt, Mifflin and Porter townships. These townships always had maintenance personnel employed all year long. Whatever happened to them? There has not been any mowing done yet this year along these township roads. The grass and weeds are so tall they are leaning and falling over on the paved roads. Our state continues to mow the state highways as well as the divided ones with a median between the lanes. Why can’t the townships follow the same as what the state does?

If there is any doubt concerning what I have written about, don’t reach a premature conclusion concerning the subject. Take a ride on one of the following township roads such as Spook Hollow, Nichols Run, Pine Run, Canoe Run, Mud Run, Nices Hollow or Cliff Side. This neglect is becoming a real problem, but very little is being done to correct it. I own about 500 feet of frontage along Youngs Road and Lime Kiln Road in Piatt Township. I keep most of it mowed every week. Part of this frontage is not mowed by me, because the weeds, brush and tall grass does not allow me to mow because it hangs over to the berm of the road. I rest my case.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.



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