Abundantly clear

The latest proposal from the White House to roll back fuel economy standards for automobiles has made it abundantly clear that now, more than ever, is the time to re-elect Gov. Tom Wolf and Sen. Bob Casey.

We must also support the upstart congressional candidacy of Marc Friedenberg, and those who live in the 85th Legislative District should the state House candidacy of Dr. Jennifer Rager-Kay.

The administration’s misguided plan – which would freeze the fuel economy standards at 2020 levels for six years – is just the latest all-out assault on efforts by previous administrations, both Republican and Democratic, to combat air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by setting target levels for miles per gallon on new vehicles. The previous plan called for cars and light-duty trucks to reach gas mileage targets of 50 mpg by 2026, instead of the 37 mpg outlined in the current proposal.

The White House also intends to challenge the authority of the State of California to set its own, more stringent fuel efficiency standards – which many other states also follow.

The administration’s proposal is the wrong move for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that reducing pollution is the right thing to do.

But more importantly it’s good for business. While U.S. leadership has decided it is “on a break” from protecting our environment, the rest of the world pushes on.

This proposal will put American companies that export their goods overseas at a competitive disadvantage – which will ultimately cost American jobs and create even more instability as rising powers like China take on leadership roles in worldwide economic affairs.

Innovation is the engine that has driven the American economy for at least the last 150 years, ever since the days of the Industrial Revolution. It has won us wars, preserved peace, and created some of the finest technology known to man.

By refusing to acknowledge this fundamental truth, this administration will force the American people to face undeserved health and economic impacts.

Gas prices will continue to rise because demand will increase, forcing hard-working families to pay more out-of-pocket just to get to work. Air and water quality will degrade further, and American innovators will have a more difficult time moving their goods and services overseas.

Many of us locally think that environmental issues disproportionately affect densely populated coastal areas, leaving inland areas untouched. Casual weather observations, however, just don’t support that theory.

Over the past few weeks we’ve had record rainfall here in the Susquehanna Valley, narrowly escaping catastrophic flooding. Some of our neighbors weren’t so lucky.

Changing weather patterns will continue to impact our local farms and fisheries, and could ultimately result in staggering amounts of property loss. The increased costs will put already struggling families in an even more perilous position.

Wolf and Casey are on the right side of this issue. So are Marc Friedenberg and Dr. Jennifer Rager-Kay. Mr. Friedenberg is running for Congress in the 12th District, while Dr. Rager-Kay wants to be the next state representative in the 85th District.

They all need your vote on Nov. 6.

Heidi Ruckno

Kelly Township

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom