Regarding ‘Loving America’

In the above column Sept. 2, Mr. Rieders states Israel “is routinely beaten up at the U.N. which is controlled by Arabs and Third World interests extremely hostile to the democratic and egalitarian nation that Israel represents”. The United States, a permanent member of the U. N. Security Council, has consistently, unconditionally supported Israel, by its veto power, against action by the other U. N. nations.

The rare exception was an abstention under President Obama in 2016 regarding Israeli illegal settlement activity. The U. S. has more power than ‘Arab and Third World interests’.

Mr. Rieders writing about Haifa, Israel talks about the atmosphere there where Arabs, Jews, along with many others, live together in peace and harmony. Further in the article he states that “Israel treats the Muslim Arabs better than any Arab nation does”.

Anyone who knows the history of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the recent passing of the Jewish ‘nation state law’ by the Knesset (62-55) knows otherwise. This law, pushed by the Israeli right wing government, declares that only Jews have the right to self-determination in the country. It strips Arabic of its designation as an official language along with Hebrew, downgrading it to a ‘special language’. What is now Israel is also the homeland of Arabs/Palestinians living there. Israeli Arab political leaders, Israeli opposition politicians and liberal Jewish groups in the U. S. have expressed concern about this law and what it implies: ‘apartheid’.

Israeli Arabs have always felt that they are treated as second class citizens. This law now formalizes that and has deepened a sense of alienation within the Israeli Arab population, approximately 20% of the population of Israel. Many Jews, along with the Israeli Arabs, fear this law signals the end of Israeli democracy.

Alison Hopper


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom