Changing times

Prior to the Civil War slave owners in the South, who were predominately Democrats, saw the Negro, not as a fellow human-being, but as property. During this time they could mistreat them with impunity. After President Lincoln, a Republican, freed the slaves the Democratic Party formed a militant arm in 1866 to deal with Negros who didn’t “tow the line”. This organization was known as the Ku Klux Klan. They were a group of racist who terrorized the Negros, burned their homes, schools, churches and lynched innocent people just because of their skin color. As time passed the tolerance for this cruelty diminished and today the KKK has been rejected to the point of irrelevancy – or have they?

According to Pastor John C. Butler’s letter Feb.14 “Abortion is Big Business” a billion dollars a year. He goes on to state that an average of 1,500 African-American pregnancies are ended every day.

It appears that the Democrats via Planned Parenthood have figured out a more effective way of limiting the African-American population. Considering the repulsiveness of this practice it begs the questions: Why does the Black community vote overwhelmingly Democratic and why is the “Black Lives Matter” movement so silent about the loss of these innocent Black Lives?

Marlin D. Lilley Jr.

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom


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