Deep danger

The recent shameful events concerning the media’s handling of the Covington Catholic student event in Washington are a reminder that something is seriously amiss with the news in America. Most of the media are massively politically slanted. They aren’t reporting the news. They’re distorting the news. And they’re distorting it to fit a political agenda.

Many citizens may not be aware the news media in America aren’t required by the Constitution to be neutral.

They can choose to construe or distort whatever they do report with explicit or hidden interpretations. The news media aren’t regulated utilities like gas and electric providers.

As with the Covington case, there are a number of immediate remedies to this deplorable news situation.

First, vigilant consumers can switch to other news sources. Second, as with the Covington students, law suits can be threatened or initiated.

And, third, the news sources and their journalism schools can be shamed into a public awareness of how unfit their unprofessional behavior is.

The main purpose of the news in America is to inform Americans about public affairs so that they may more effectively attend to their private affairs.

In the past, politicians came to Washington to serve their electorates. They served the special and vested interests of their electorates. But they’re supposed to serve them. Washington itself has become the prize. That reduces America to being like Europe and most of the rest of the world.

Politics then becomes the center of American affairs, and the politicized media then say whatever is necessary to secure their control of the center.

But America was designed to be a union of multiple sovereign elements: The national government and the 50 sovereign states. And there are also the almost innumerable and operative non-sovereign local governments.

If there’s really to be only one national central government in terms of actual power as in France, then the American experiment of self-government through a complex of autonomous governments will have failed.

America’s storied past shows what the American way of decentralized self-direction can accomplish in the way of greatness and liberty.

And the alternative of political centrality and dishonest news shows what can be accomplished in wretched third-world countries like Venezuela today, and all across a highly civilized Europe in the previous century with its totalitarian “experiments” in communism and fascism.

The media in America today are a barometer for America going the same centralized way.

Robert Jacques

James Stuchell


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